WhipChek® FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )




When do Whipchek® air hose restraints need to be replaced?
There is no expiration date or maximum in-service life for Whipchek® air hose restraints. They should be treated like any other wire rope article and be subject to at least an annual physical inspection for wear and/or corrosion. More often in harsh environments. Any that show excessive corrosion or mechanical damage (broken, abraded strands) should be discarded. Also any involved in a catastrophic fitting or hose failure event should likewise be discarded. We build each Whipchek® with a minimum 5 to1 safety factor so unless one has been subjected to excessive loading it takes significant observable damage to render one unsafe.

Can a Whipchek® be used on hydraulic hose?
No, Whipcheks® are designed for use on air hose at pressures of 200 PSI or less. Hydraulic oil is non-compressible and therefore does not induce hose whip during a coupling or hose failure. The real danger in these cases is high pressure oil being injected into a worker's skin or eyes. The only suitable safety device for these applications is a solid guard between operators and connections.

Can you make a shorter Whipchek®?
Yes, however shortening the loops and springs means less clearance at the eyes reducing the hose size they will fit. Contact your distributor for special quotes, minimum order quantities will apply.

Can you make an all stainless steel Whipchek®?
Yes, but we don't for two reasons. First, the increase in price is much higher than the increase in longevity. Stainless steel is not really stainless, and our Whipcheks® are already made of corrosion resistant parts. It is more economical to replace 3 standard Whipcheks® than one made of stainless steel. Second, stainless steel is about 15% weaker than equivalent diameter galvanized aircraft cable. Our design and the inherent 5 to 1 safety margin are based on
the tensile strength of the cable we use. We're not going to build a weaker product.

Can Whipcheks® be used at higher pressures than 200 PSI?
Whipcheks® are designed with a 5 to 1 safety margin at 200 PSI. At 300 PSI that margin drops to 3 to 1. Any pressure above that is not a suitable application for Whipcheks® and may result in injury or death in the event of an explosive coupling decompression. We recommend Whipcheks® be used only on air hoses carrying 200PSI or less. Any other use is at your own risk.

Can you make special application Whipcheks®?
Yes, contact your Distributor for special quotes, minimum order quantities will apply.